“The more I look at it, it seems more real. That one is more me. I didn’t had the chin like that before. Do you think my face has changed? Truth is you are not in it. You look younger there. I am part of the bigger picture. Can you find your face? If you zoom in you can see my black heads. I didn’t know I had those little hairs. Have they always been there? Maybe I could make them disappear. Do you think it looks fake? You record it in 360º and then project it. My iPhone has 3 holes. Yeah, everybody can see it. Truth is seems fake. You’ve already seen this. How could it be real before? The faces look the same. You can look at it all the times that you want. It is quick, you won’t waste time. Do you have time? There’s nothing to see here. It’s always the same. Do you seriously believe it? I’ve seen it before. It’s just as I imagined. I’m bored of 2020. We’ve already talked about this 1000 times. 5G gives cancer. It even looks like you are there. What do think will happen? I wasn’t there, but I’ve seen it. I save it if you want to look at it. It’s been a long time since we knew this would happen. There are more cameras in China. What do you want to do about it? It’s like watching it life. 35.389.440 a 24 frames per second are 212.336.640 bps. I already knew that. Of course it is real, can’t you see? Zoom in, it’ll be easier. It’s almost like you are here. Alexa is listening. Is this happening now? Looks older than he is. It’s from a long time ago. We knew it was going to happen. Was she better on Tinder? I have no time. I look better than last year. Of course it is real. Do you think I look the same in person? You can look at it from closer. All the time that you want to. Wasn’t there already a thing like that? Before it was faster. Already gone. Why don’t you disconnect Siri? I believe maybe next year. A drone crashed. I want him to have blue eyes. Don’t you have her picture? I’ll check, I have a terrible memory. 2020 was better.

How long do you think we have until it happens?”

Text by Paula Ramos Mollá

Shown at “20 artistas, 10 segundos” curated by FindingArt Madrid
Published at 2020* Magazine curated by Adela Rodríguez