Zona Cero. Cloud’s strata


“Super SuperLike. Digital impulses and virtual emotion” Group Show at Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid. Curated by Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo y Enrique Radigales

The perception of the territory is nowadays mediated by the use of digital devices, which record reality to translate it into virtual images through which we navigate. The landscape is now built in the flow of data, both the urban one and the one occupied by infrastructures that respond to the geopolitical and economic interests of those who programme these cartographies.

As we walk through this installation, we are entering a gap, a crevice in the earth, a different temporality. Our image is transferred as data to the cloud; a cloud which is not a meteorological formation and which does not seem to conform to the limits of materiality. And yet its existence, its construction and its maintenance are closely linked to geology: to the minerals that are necessary for the production of electronic components, as well as to the bordering and hidden spaces where servers are housed. Extraction, pollution and warming continue to erode the planet at an unprecedented rate.

Yosi Negrín’s installation confronts these two dimensions, the virtual and the material, in a near future through the creation of a “cenotaph”. His work is a funerary monument at ground zero, at the epicentre of a disaster, where one can see the remnants of the devices with which we have travelled the territory and the archives that have been generated on this journey.