orchid disorder (2021)


‘Orchid disorder’ abstracts the de-rooted modeling of computer generated images and applies it to the roots of actual orchids. Through the deconstruction of several images of orchids, he creates a new root that is completely separated from its original source. Yosi operates just like machine learning algorithms do. However, behind these machines, there are still human eyes working, which select and filtrate images that later on machines use as databases - like Amazon Mechanical Truck. In this way, the image departs from human depency towards mechanical reproduction, separating itself from its own roots. In this sense, Yosi compares the material and physical decontextualization of the garden with the image-based decontextualization carried on by machine learning. The orchid acts as the symbol of the capitalist appropriation of a process of de-rooting both images and material resources in order to enhance economic productivity. The roots of this installation are untraceable, they slip through the walls, they have become invisible.

at TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
part of ‘Jardín Satélite’, curated by Giberto González and Silvia Navarro.