desire traps2024

Sculpture series
I (1.8 x 1 x 0.3 m)
II (2.1 x 0.36 x 0.36 m)
Synthetic Lycra, wild plant essence-based lubricant, wood and foam structure, steel cable.

︎︎︎ Group Show “Malas Hierbas” curated by Margaux Knight.
Casabanchel, Madrid
March 2024

These pieces stem from the garden as a space of power and submission. There exist different insect-catching contraptions, as well as weapons of sensual allure that confuse an camouflage within images for other species. From these forms emerge these exaggerated
geometries of seduction, which play on another perceptual plane to inhabit this greenhouse
of fiction.

These disturbed traps sweat and are lubricated with an oil extracted from the plants growin in the abandoned lots of Carabanchel. The indigenous plants of these resistance spaces,
 such as Datura (Jimsonweed or Devil's snare), turn out to be addictive and toxic. Their
hallucinogenic properties have made them protagonists in medieval witchcraft gatherings or in impromptu suburban raves.

The trap, in this case, aims to manifest the perverse intentionality of the beauty associated
with the natural world, and the different mechanisms of attraction that we use to relate to
other species and to ourselves. Those places, hidden attitudes, and aspects of beauty we
discard turn out to be the engines of evasion and sensuality.