Yosi Negrín (Tenerife, 1994) is an artist, architect, curator and editor based in Madrid. He obtained his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Architecture at ETSAM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Yosi’s interests revolve around the territory and its digital presence, raising questions about the relation between technological-objects and how they modify human lives. More specifically, his work focuses on the study of both the physical and the digital map, and on the meta-narratives created by them which, at the end, build our reality. Informed by his architectural vision of art, Yosi works across moving images, 3D representations, found objects and post-produced images (made and found) to create a series of installations that highlight the constructed nature of our relation to (and perception of) spaces.

Yosi Negrín has collaborated with Studio Luis Úrculo, Lanza Atelier, ARCO Madrid and DPA ETSAM, between Madrid and Mexico City. He has exhibited at the XVI Venice Architecture Biennale at the Spanish Pavillion with 255.255.255, architecture editorial collective. He has co-founded and co-curated “Casa Antillón” a Madrid Architecture collective as a contemporary art exhibition platform (w/ Marta Ochoa, Ismael Santos & Emmanuel Álvarez).
Individually, his works have been exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, New England, Palermo, Tenerife, Venice and Tehran.

He is now represented by Lava Art Project runned by Belinda Martín Porras & Paula Ramos Mollá working between London and Amsterdam.